Alensio helps when you’re in need of a fresh website or your old site needs to be brought to 2020’s.

With eCommerce, social media feeds and all kinds of extra functionality you need.

Obviously we are the ones to fix That Annoying Thing That Somebody Should’ve Fixed Long Ago on your current site too.

Digital marketing

Alensio is The Company to help you advertise your products on search engines and social media.


You really should call us when there just has to be a way to do all that computer stuff way more efficiently.

We know how.

Information Security

Alensio helps you to keep your data about your company and your clients safe from internal and external threats.

Everything from the network configuration to backups to antivirus solutions and testing, consulting etc.

Something else?

We do all kinds of IT-stuff. 

So if you’re wondering if some geek might be able to do [a thing] smarter, contact us.

We are. Able.